Madhubani art form of India

Some beautiful handmade Madhubani pieces I picked up at an exhibition.


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Tales from the Garden City

Recently designed book cover for Cinnamonteal Publishers.


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Going Grungy!

Grunge Brushes

Grunge Brushes

Grunge is fun !

Circle brushes made by me.
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Out of the box – Book Cover Design

Here are 3 designs submitted for a book called Out Of the Box – a book on maths quiz.



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Proposed covers for a Cookery Book

These are two proposed covers for a Cookery Book designed with vector graphics. Most of the cookery books have images of dishes on the cover, I tried something different. One has been designed nice and bright to catch the eye on the shelf  and in its thumbnail form too. The second one is a little sober but catchy with the yellow boxes used to highlight the text.


Proposed cover~1

Proposed cover~1

Proposed cover~2 for Cook easy

Proposed cover~2 for Cook easy

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Grunge – for teenage accessories

Grunge design

Grunge design

My experiments with brushes continue and it is a pleasure to be able to create something vibrant and attractive with them. The snake for the added touch, and the creeper to add to the creepiness. . ..This is a very teenage appeal design, bright colours, mysteries of the other world waiting to be discovered and also a statement – ‘I am not afraid”.

Brushes downloadable from : and

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Cool plant and foliage brushes

Image created with Foliage and plant brushes

Image created with Foliage and plant brushes

Came across these beautiful plant and foliage brushes and decided to design some foliage. Using brushes so liberally can really help in creating good backgrounds related to nature, environment, tourist brochures, adventure camps etc. Each image created by the brush was kept in a separate layer and then colours/levels changed to give a little depth to the image. Also I have tried applying texture to some plants to give a slightly realistic look to the trees. And yes, the lense flare given to create a sunset effect.

I could have done with a twitter bird sitting on one of the branches. Afterall, in this jungle of cyberspace, one can hear a lot of tweets! 

These brushes can be downloaded at

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Designer proposes, client disposes.

‘The Little Princess’ book cover as visualised by me was cheerful and fit for a princess. Symbolism used – a crown for the princess and lots of flowers for colour and cheer. Flowers printed in metallic inks, Title with spot lamination, looking as good in the thumbnail as on the shelf.

But alas, a plain black background was desired. Designer proposes, client disposes.

Proposed Book Cover

Proposed Book Cover


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Book Cover Design

Book layout and book cover design for a training manual plus self help book – Ingredients for Success. The traffic signal has been used in the background to show all signals go (success, success, success), while keeping the focus on the author’s photograph.

There’s no stopping people who read this book!

Ingredients for success

Ingredients for success

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Designing for Children’s Accessories

Designing for children, one would say is the easiest of them all!! Think again! For it is not the children who ultimately approve of the design. . . . . It is first the manufacturer and then the vendor and then the mother who finally approves of what is good for her/his child. While the mother finally decides, the manufacturer guesses what the vendor will like, while the vendor guesses what the mother will like. . . . . . But the onus of guessing what the other three will like is where the designer’s creativity comes in. And it can be quite a challenge.

When I set out to design artworks for the children’s accessories, I visualised lots and lots of colour (which i love about designing for children) and decided to paint the canvas red. First hurdle, no text!! Just design. After years and years of designing ads for newspapers, books, booklets etc etc etc, I was stumped. And finally when i got the hang of it, the manufacturer ( a pro at kids accessories ) introduced me to the nuances of  how the placement and the size of a mushroom/smiley can change the appeal of the product, and then we went through a number of revisions for the clock, then dustbin, then. . . . . .

Ordeal over, sample in hand, I felt happy about my work.

But it got me thinking, that the children really have no choice in all this. . . . . . and yet, they are happy when they receive such gifts.

Maybe MOM knows best!


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